Project 7 | Portraiture

Project Objective

  • To explore the Principle of Organization Balance through space division.
  • Translate Subject Matter into Form and Content through Portrait Photography.
  • Explore light and color as compositional tools.
  • Experience studio portrait techniques.

Project Description

In this project you will work in groups of three, rotating the rolls of model, art director and photographer to do studio portraits.

Project Considerations

  • As soon as you hold up a camera and look through the viewfinder or at the LCD monitor you are dividing or breaking up the frame by what is in the viewer.
  • In looking at a photograph the human brain has a need for order and balance. If a photograph is not balanced our eye will want to slide off the page and we will not feel comfortable looking at the image. If we draw a line down the middle of a photograph our eye or brain likes to see equal visual weight on the two halves.
  • We can use any or all the elements of design to create balance.
  • Balance give us five basic ways to divide the frame.

1. Symmetrical
2. Asymmetrical
3. Radial
4. Rule of Thirds
5. Frame within a Frame

  • Use a tripod to create an image as sharp as possible.
  • You should try to have a key or main light on one side of the face and a secondary light on the dark side of the face, as well as explore different light sources to illuminate your face and change the content. Be very careful not to have any over-exposure particularly on the forehead and the checks.
  • Explore color by changing clothes, accessories and background.

For more information see:
Comp-space.pdf (4.86 Mb)
Comp-space.ppsx (4.861 Mb)

Step-by-step Directions

Step 1:

Groups set up

Step 2:

Research themes and collect props

Step 3:

Take turns photographing, modeling and doing art direction.

Step 4:

After the shooting session, all photos should be uploaded as contact sheet to all the members of the group e-portfolio under Project 7 | Portraiture.

Step 6:

Each person should pick their best photo as photographer, art director and model and upload to e-portfolio under Project 7 | Portraiture.

Step 7:

Based on received criticism you the group may wish to reshoot some of the images.

Step 8:

Contact Sheet and Final Images uploaded to WP Portfolio.

Grading Criteria 6 pts

For examples please see: