Content Overview




Hands-on Projects unravel over the course of the semester and are an opportunity to put the ideas/concepts/skills discussed in class into action. Students will complete six interconnected projects.


Students will need to complete weekly exercises focusing on focus on specific aspects of photography to build their technological knowledge, and implement the course projects. The best way to learn to see behind the camera is by photographing.

Tutorials & Quizzes

Tutorials & Quizzes will be given throughout the semester testing students on the content. This will cover major vocabulary and specifics of design, techniques and skills.

Online Digital Portfolio

Online digital portfolio to share work. Possible options: WordPress, Wix, E-portfolio.

Direct Reading & Research posts on Blackboard

Reading and research complement your learning and are necessary to help you understand the content visually and intellectually.

Course Website

The class website hosts all pertinent course information, and should be referred to when needed. The syllabus and schedule are available as downloadable PDFs and as a web page. Readings are hosted on the site.