Emotions Chart

Choose three (3) different emotions from the chart above.

Using everything we have learned this semester about the Elements of Design and the Compositional Principles shoot three (3) photographs illustrating the three (3) emotions you have selected (1 for each emotion).

Each shot must include at least one of the Elements of Design and one of the Compositional Principals.

Elements of Design: Line, Shape, Space, Texture, Value, Color.

Compositional Principles:

  • Balance: Symmetry, Asymmetry, Radial Space Division, Frame within a Frame
  • Unity: Rule of Thirds, Continuation, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity
  • Emphasis & Focal Point: Contrast, Isolation, Convergence, the Unusual, Placement

Obviously how one visually interprets an emotion is subjective, but the viewer (the professor and the class) should be able to understand to some degree which emotion you are trying to communicate. For instance if you have a sunny pleasant image and tell us it is grief, there is a problem.

The subject matter can be people, places, stilllifes, landscapes, whatever best expresses the emotion you have chosen.

The Final Project should be uploaded to your E-portfolio before 10 am on the Final Assessment meeting on and presented as part of your e-portfolio.

You should include three final (3) shots of different emotions plus the with ALL original images.
Beneath each final shot you must include which emotion, which Elements of Design are being used and which Compositional Principles are being used.

Emotion is Joy, Elements used are color and texture, Principle used is Rule of thirds

Emotion used is Fear, Element used is lines, Principle used is Rule of Thirds and Frame within a Frame

Emotion used is sadness, The Elements used are Value contrast, color, the Principle used is Rule of Thirds

Grading Criteria 6 pts