Form: Design Elements & Principles

For Class

  • Due Project 1 | Photographic Study | Portfolio Presentations.
  • Finalize Project 2 | My Camera and upload all the parts to your WordPress portfolio
  • Study your the Camera Specs to present to class – you can use your cheatsheet posted to WordPress.
  • Photographic Assignment: 90 Shots of Lines. Create 10 Contact Sheets (letter size, 3 x 3, no caption) and post them to WP site under a new page Photographic Assignment.

In Class

Attendance & Announcements

Project 2 | My Camera presentations

The Digital Camera

Principles of Design: Unite, Emphasis & Focal Point

Photographic Template

Project 3: Time

Self-Evaluation: Project 3

At Home

Work on Project 3: Time Steps 1 and 2. Upload Step 1 to your E-portfolio and upload ALL your images to Facebook.

Read Outside Lies Magic pages 1 and 2 to Outside Lies Magic.